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百思拓创始人Tony主持了本次讲座,特教嘉宾是来自西门子中国研究院的风险技术咨询师Jun Deng。


Curtin Sharing Talk on Psychometric and Career


BestTop was successfully held the career talk about Career Planning & Management at Dec 14, 2017. We share the overview of Singapore labor market in 2016, especially the job market for fresh garads.

Besttop Christmas Party 2017


In the evening of 9th December 2017, over 40 BestTop mentors, VIP mentees, and fans turned up for this year's BestTop Christmas Party at K-Tower (Amoy Street).

The party officially ended around midnight. Mentors and students all enjoyed themselves very much. 



BestTop honorably invited our Star mentor to share theirs experiences for the consulting workshop on 29 Oct 2017.


 Vice President of Strategy and Projects at Lazada (Alibaba Group), Aditya shared his experiences about Technology, IT Services, consumer, e-commerce, and retail banking industries. Rensyn,whose a business analyst at McKinsey and Company's Singapore office,also shared her career experiences in consulting.

Sunday office hour Cryptocurrency 26 OCT


Bitcoin New star Mr Kennith just given BestTop audiences a very interesting talking on 26 OCT 2017.


During the talk, we deeply seeking those questions as Bitchoin and E-money  how they work?How to buy and sale cryptocurrency and what about Cryptocurrency exchange.



BestTop successfully shared the career talk about Connect China 2017 with  SMU Alumni Speakers from 5 schools.

During the event, speakers had deeply shared 6 part in financial industry, such as Private Equity, Corporate Finance Law, Sales & Customer Service, Commodity Option Trade, Asset Management, Reinsurance.


Data Summit


​Big Data Summit was successfully held at Oct 14, 2017. A sum of 66 fellows who are interested in data analysis attended the summit.  We share inspiring speeches from 3 elite in data industry, followed by a 1-hour panel discussion about hot topics on big data.

Curtin Talk on Psychometric


BestTop has helf the Curtin Talk on Psychometric on 15 Aug 2017.

This experience sharing was give back to audiences what we have learnt. It also brings in a sense of achievement for working professionals. Through inspirational talk, BestTop hopes younger generation can avoid mistakes when a similar situation occurs. 

Singapore Entrepreneurship and Consulting Program 2017


LinkedIn Talk in NUS


On behalf of BestTop Consulting and our distinguished partner - NUS Enterprise, our special thanks is dedicated to Frank Koo, People Developer, Head of Asia Business from Linkedin. With his busy schedule, Frank spent an hour between 5:30pm and 6:30pm on 3 July with 30 young talents from BestTop. 

Echelon Asia Summit 2017


BestTop held  the Incubation Programme - Echelon Asia Summit 2017 by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited on 28 June 2017. 

The Event had explored BestTop's services on the part of Training, Marketing & Professional  Services.

Sunday Office Session - Headhunting and HR


BestTop's Sunday Office Session with Chris and AiQin on the topics of headhunting and HR.

Leon Ge Sharing Session - How To Know Yourself When Job Hunting


BestTop's mentor, Leon Ge, joins us to impart his knowledge on "How to Know Yourself when Job Hunting".

Dr. William Thomas's Sharing Session about Communication


Besttop's mentor, Dr. William Thomas joined us for a sharing session on effective communication skills.

China Road Show (0316-0331)


BestTop's CFO visited several Chinese universities and gave career talks there. The event was aimed to introduce Singapore's career opportunities to Chinese graduates and invited them to come to Singapore to explore their career path. 

Investment Company Networking with BestTop Students


On Mar 12th, BestTop mentor Alvin, a co-founder of a investment company CGMG, came with his team to BestTop had networking event with the students. During the networking, he and his team shared the experience of working in a investment company and financial industry.

SIM Career Fair 2017


BestTop participated in SIM Career Fair where we provided internship opportunities for students who had potential.

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