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Career Advancement and mentoring

Program Introduction

BestTop is collaborating with 500+ mentors from various industries in Singapore to provide a long-term Career Mentoring program that is customized to meet your needs.  500+ mentors from various industries in Singapore to provide a long-term Career Advancement and Mentoring Program (CAM Program) that is customized to meet your needs.  


BestTop CAM program is a long-term program customized to suit each student’s requirements and conditions. Guided and monitored by experienced mentors in related industries, participants are privileged to enjoy BestTop’s abundant resources.

There are 4 key stages in our CAM Program. Through gaining real-life experiences related to targeted industries, participants can enhance their employability and competitiveness. Lead Mentors will follow closely on the mentees’ progress and answer their enquiries regularly. On the other hand, professional career planners and industry mentors will provide industry-specific career mentoring and carry out 1-on-1 mentoring services. All courses are exclusively developed by BestTop Consulting.

Stage 1

career planning

Goal: Develop self-awareness, uncover needs and motivations, reassess priorities and options. Identify targeted industry and develop an enforceable 1-3 years career planning roadmap

Content:Occupational skills assessment, Career planning course, 1-on-1 career planning, 1-on-1 industrial job hunting advice, 1-on-1 job hunting planning

Mentor:Professional career planners, mentors from targeted industry

Format & time

Lead Mentors will arrange all meetings between participants and mentors according to the progress. The format of meeting will be face-to-face or through video, so as to allow mentees to have deeper conversation and relationship with our mentors. The total time for this program is 30-50 hours.

Quality Assurance

BestTop is a registered company in Singapore, stationing in JTC's Launchpad @ one-north. We will sign a legal service contract with students to guarantee students’ interests and privacy. We see your SUCCESS as our own success.

Students Exclusive Benefits

  1. Massive job information : Students can gain access to relevant industry information, including BestTop’s exclusive course videos.

  2. Special benefits from marketing events : Students will be entitled to special benefits from various BestTop's social media campaigns.


Applicants will go through a screening process and the only requirement is that you work hard as we do.

Mentors Information

All BestTop mentors are carefully screened and certified. Only the most outstanding mentors are qualified to become Lead Mentors and guide our CAM students. Our Lead Mentors are from top companies in different industries and are willing to answer questions regarding requirement procedure, industrial dynamic and career development.

Application Method

If you are interested to know more about our CAM Program, or wish to communicate with our Lead Mentors, please submit an intention form via "Contact Us" below. Alternatively, you can click on "Register your interest now".

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

*Kindly note that we are not job agency, and we provide training programme only.

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