Consulting Training Course


Day 1 - 3hr training with hands-on practice exercise:

  • What is consulting? What are the different kinds of consulting and who are the top management consulting firms and boutique players? What are the trends?

  • Why is consulting considered a popular career choice among students? Is it for you? What is does the career path look like and why do people value consultants?

  • What kind of people consulting do firms look for and how to get into a consulting firm? What are the sessions I need to go through to get an offer?

  • What is a problem statement? Why is it important and how to write a good one?

  • How to structure/break down a problem? What is an issue tree? What is a hypothesis and what does MECE stand for?

Day 2 - 3hr training with hands-on practice exercise:

  • What is an estimation question and how to approach it?

  • What are the common sources of data to be gathered? How to collect them and conduct analysis? How this might be tested in a interview?

  • How to synthesize your findings and what is the 80/20 rule?

Day 3 - 3hr training with hands-on practice exercise:

  • What are the common type of case interview questions and how to approach them?

  • What are some of the tips on consulting case interview and what is the general approach? How many cases do you need to practice to ace the case interview?

Day 4 - 3hr Group Mock Interview:

  • 1.5hr Group mock interview exercise

  • 1.5hr Individual debrief and comments

  • 1hr Q&A

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