Data Analytics Training Course

A 25-hour training workshop to provide beginners with essential Python knowledge to qualify for entry-level data analytics jobs in Singapore.

data analytics training (python)

Financial Industry Workshop


A 30-hour training workshop to provide students with essential technical knowledge to land on the first job in the financial sector in Singapore.

financial industry workshop (batch 1)

Consulting Training Course


A 16-hour detailed on-site training covering all aspects of consulting assessments and types of interview format.

training course


VIP Program

A long term coaching program tailored for helping students find their dream jobs quickly.


and Consulting

Help students discover whether they are more suitable for Corporate Culture or

Start-up Culture.

stage 1: career planning

Occupational skills assessment, Career planning course, 1-on-1 career planning, 1-on-1 industrial job hunting advice, 1-on-1 job hunting planning.

stage 2: application preparation

Resume writing course, cover letter writing course, 1-on-1 CV modifications, 1-on-1 cover letter modification.

stage 3: hands on project

Soft skills and social skills training, operation and practice of actual projects (internship prove and reference letter will be provided).

stage 4: job hunting

Internal referral, interview training course, 1-on-1 interviewing skills session, 1-on-1 mock interview.


1-TO-1 coaching

mentor list

Search for mentor that you would like to connect based on industry, company, working experience.

Select preffered mentor

Let us know your choice and any special preference. We will contact mentor on your behalf.

talk to mentor online/offline

Connect to your mentor through

face-to-face meeting, phone,

or email.



Our partners

Our partner



N. Nu

Principle Partners (HR Department)

We have been working with BestTop to look for interns for our market research projects since mid 2015. It has been a great experience working with them.

National University of Singapore

(Master in Engineering)

It is quite useful to learn from BestTop mentors. Now I have a clear picture of my career goal and hope the skills learnt from BestTop Career can bring

me the ideal job.

G. Teo

Nanyang Technological University

(Bachelor in Economics)

It was definitely one of the best decisions in my life. With affordable rates, this little investment will take you a long way towards securing your dream job.

T. Zhong

R. Lee

University of Queensland (PhD in Biochemistry)

BestTop provides excellent career counselling services. Their consultants are highly professional and experienced, and have certainly helped to improve my resume and cover letter writing skills.    

A. Bai

Nanyang Technological University

(Bachelor in Mathematics)

BestTop helped me land my dream internship with Gerson Lehrman Group. I would like to recommend BestTop to anyone who is looking for a promising career opportunity!

X. Liang

Nanyang Technological University

(Bachelor in Business)

I have just obtained my first ever offer as Modeling Analyst! It took me only half a month to get this offer after consulting with BestTop. I truly believe in the usefulness of the 1-to-1 career mentoring.

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