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This 25-hour training workshop is to provide students with essential Python knowledge to qualify for entry-level data analytics jobs in Singapore. The training is divide into three phases:

1) Basic Module – understand basic concepts in data analytics and prepare key background knowledge for later study;


2) Advanced Module – learn essential technical knowledge about Python programming;


3) Practice Module – prepare for Python interview required by most of the data analytics jobs.


After completing the course, you will be able to: 1) understand Python programming language which is the common tool for data analytics jobs; 2) well plan your career path in the data analytics industry; 3) able to pass the first-round of writing test of Python.

Target Audience

  • Fresh graduate who are interested in taking first job as a data analyst

  • Working professionals who are looking for a career change

  • General public who would like to apply data analytics skillsets into work and life


Basic Module

Gives an overview of Data Science, examples of successful Data Science applications, typical Data Science career paths, and essential statistics knowledge for being a data analyst.

  • Session 1: Overview of data analytics, successful data analytics job applications, and career development in this industry

  • Session 2: Write up your first Python programme to visualize data


Advanced Module

Offers hands-on examples with Python codes and covers a wide range of topics including basic

data types, functions, operations, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas.

  • Session 3: Data type, operations in Python

  • Session 4: Functions, libraries in Python

  • Session 5: Numpy, Matplotlib in Python

  • Session 6: Pandas in Python


Practical Module

Walk-through a typical data analyst interview process and equip students' with practical knowledge on solving SQL, case study, and behavioural questions.

  • Session 7: Interview process walk-through

  • Session 8: Interview prep: SQL

  • Session 9: Interview prep: case-study

  • Session 10: Interview prep: behavioural questions

Schedule and Format

Basic module is delivered online from 01 July to 13 July and offline on 01July. Advanced andPractice Module are arranged offline in small-scale class room setting to make sure every student has sufficient interaction with the lecturer. Each session lasts for 2.5 hours. Offline trainings are from 9.30am to 3.30pm, with 1-hour lunch break.

Mentor Profile

Allen is a cross-disciplinary data professional with more than six years of experience working in a diverse range of domain areas including Tech, Investment Banking, and Wealth Management; leveraging his knowledge in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, CRM Analytics, Investment Analytics, Business Intelligence, Financial Modelling, Company Valuation, and Portfolio Management.


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