financial industry workshop (batch 1)


This 30-hour training workshop is to provide students with essential technical knowledge to land on the first job in the financial sector in Singapore.Lecturers are industry experts with years of relevant working experience in IBD, trading, equity research, investment analysis, etc. Training materials are adapted from industry-standard training contents.


After completing the course, you will be able to: 1) understand financial knowledge which are key to technical interview; 2) well plan your career path in the financial industry; 3) get to know experts to expand the network; 4) work on projects to apply knowledge into practice.

Target Audience

  • Fresh graduate who are interested in taking first job in the financial sector

  • Working professionals who are looking for a career change


Day 1 - Overview of Financial Markets and Career Prep

  • Session 1: Global financial markets and market economics

  • Session 2: All You Need to Know for a Financial Service Industry Job

  • Guest Speaker Sharing 1

Day 2 - Money Markets, FX and Commodities / Rates and Credit Markets

  • Session 3: Money markets, FX and commodities

  • Session 4: Rates and credit markets

  • Guest Speaker Sharing 2

Day 3 - Equity Markets / Forwards, Futures and Options Markets

  • Session 5: Equity Markets

  • Session6: Forwards, futures and options markets

  • Guest SpeakerSharing 3

Day 4 - Excel and VBA in Financial Service Industry

  • Session 7: Advanced Excel inFinancial Institutions

  • Session 8: Automation with VBA

  • Guest Speaker Sharing 4

Day 5 - Financial Modelling

  • Session 9: Essential Accounting Knowledge

  • Session 10: Financial Modelling

  • Guest Speaker Sharing 5

Schedule and Format

All  training  are  arranged  offline  in  small-scale  class  room  setting.  Each  training  session  lasts  for  2.5  hours,  and  each  guest  speaker  sharing  session  lasts  for  1  hour.  One  training  day  comprises  a  total  of  6-hour  training,  from  9am  to  4pm.The  training  schedule  is  as  follows,


Batch  1(Aug)

  • 04  Aug:  Training  Day  1,  Guest  Speaker  Sharing  (Investment  Manager)

  • 11  Aug:  TrainingDay  2,  Guest  Speaker  Sharing  (Merge  &  Acquisition)

  • 18  Aug:  Training  Day  3,  Guest  Speaker  Sharing  (Equity  Researcher)

  • 25  Aug:  Training  Day  4,  Guest  Speaker  Sharing  (Quantitative  Analyst)

  • 26  Aug:  Training  Day  5,  Guest  Speaker  Sharing  (Risk  Analyst)

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