4-week Practical Stock Investment Strategies

         Course Overview

With the close guidance of management consulting professionals, participants will go through a 3-week structured training course comprising online interactive sessions and hands-on assignments. During the intensive training, participants will learn the essential skillsets for Singapore management consulting industry, improve business acumen, and master the logistic thinking methods to crack business cases.


BestTop also invited 3 guest speakers from leading management consulting firms, including McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, so that participants may grow their social networks and gain insightful hands-on information on management consulting industry.

Challenges that You will Overcome


  • Gaps between Academics and Industry Requirements

  • Lack of Practical Experience in Stock Investment

  • Information Overloaded with Rumors on Internet and News


that You will Gain

  • 4-week of Intensive and Systematic Learning

  • Attentive Guidance from Industry Mentor with 6+ Years of Investment Experience

  • WhatsApp Group to Share Lesson Learned

Curriculum Design Philosophy

BestTalent online course are co-developed by BestTop and career mentors with abundant industry knowledge. It follows the “RICE” coaching methodology, with the goal centralizing on career development. Participants will gain comprehensive technical knowledge within a short period of time, while completing the career preparation in a specific industry.

Real-time Interaction

Live session in small group setting to address specific questions

Incremental Learning

 Learning is divided into incremental stages, from zero to hero

Career-driven Goal

 Only practical knowledge is passed on to deal with real-life situations

Experienced Mentor

Sessions are delivered by experienced practitioners from leading firms


Anyone with an opened mind to get their hands dirty in data analytics! All is welcome!




-    SMU Msc. in Applied Finance 应用金融
-    8-year working experience in Data Science 8年数据分析实践工作经验
-    Worked at Deutsche Bank, KPMG, Uber, Grab, Ant Financial 曾任职于

Mentor R graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Master Degree in Finance. He has 6-year working experience in Singapore IB Front Office - Investment Research. Previously, he also worked at Goldman Sachs, CICC, and Bank of America.

          Course Agenda

This course contains of 4 sessions, and the length of each session is 3 hours (a total of 12 hours will be expected to complete this course). Participants will join in the session via online conferencing platform Zoom, and mentor will deliver live lecture and address questions.

Session 1: 07th March (Saturday)

2pm – 5pm

Session 2: 14th March (Saturday)

2pm – 5pm

Session 3: 21st March (Saturday)

2pm – 5pm

Session 4: 28th March (Saturday)

2pm – 5pm


Session 1:

The Perspective from Institutional Investors

  • What is the key difference between institutional and individual investors?

  • What are the common practices of institutional investors?

  • How to prepare for working in the professional investment industry?


Session 2:

Behavioral Finance in Investment

  • How come I am the one who always lose money?

  • How to overcome psychological and emotional factors and make logical economic decisions?


Session 3:

Proven Financial Theories on Investment

  • Shall I invest in financial products despite the many risks?

  • What are the financial theories useful for practice?

  • How to allocate financial assets to maximize the yield?


Session 4:

The Right Investment for You

  • How to choose stocks based on your particular needs?

  • How to screen the various financial products to avoid being taken advantage?

  • How to behave like professional investors and seize every opportunity?

Course Preview