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Accenture - Software Engineering Analyst, Singapore (10 Dec)




Professional Services



Position Type

Software Engineering Analyst

Post Date

10 Dec 2019

Employer Description

Accenture Technology delivers everything from point solutions for a single business function to large, long-term outsourcing services and complex systems integration installations spanning multiple businesses and functions. Join us and become an integral part of our experienced Technology team with the credibility, expertise and insight to help our clients become high-performing organizations.

Program Details

You will be involved in testing, coding, software maintenance or assisting in implementing the processes required to deploy applications. You will have opportunity to team up with other parts of the Accenture organization to offer an unrivalled mix of skills and solutions, using some of the most advanced technology around.


• A relevant degree or equivalent

• Recent graduates (with <3 years of work experience) and graduating students graduating in your last academic year

• Strong aptitude and interest in technology

• An ability to work in a team, and good interpersonal skills

• Flexible: willingness to work on different projects/different locations

• High Learning Agility: assimilates information & learns new techniques & methodologies quickly; enjoys learning

• Problem-Solver: breaks complex problems into parts and proposes possible solutions

• Creative: enjoys exploring alternative possibilities and outcomes

• Outcome-focused: seeks to understand the broader team priorities/goal & aligns own work to them


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