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BestTop - Full-stack Blockchain Researcher, Hong Kong (14 Aug)


BestTop Education Technology Limited


Education Technology


Hong Kong

Position Type

Full-stack Blockchain Researcher

Post Date

14 Aug 2019

Employer Description

BestTop provides education technology solution to universities and companies with hiring needs. Combining customized coaching sessions by working professionals and a variety of online training modules, BestTop enables universities to create adaptive career coaching curriculum for each student. Based on data such as previous coaching history and feedback from career mentors, the system suggests the most suitable coaching contents and career mentors to the students. BestTop also helps companies implement online profile-matching system so that companies can match their hiring needs with student’s profiles, which are reflected from the data such as project evaluation and recommendation from career mentors.

Program Details

• Writing and verifying e-certificate data into the Ethereum blockchain, and deploy onto Ethereum Mainnet.

• Develop back-end application based on Meteor.JS and realize the functions including user profile management, ecertificate issuance & revocation, and payment processing.

• Develop front-end application based on React.JS and realize the functions such as issuer/verifier dashboard and individual profiles.

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design and build new blockchain based application

• Build rapid prototypes and work on fast paced projects.

• Create new blockchain related applications from existing prototypes.

• Identify and resolve defects and performance issue.

• Maintain code quality, security, organization and automation.


• Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering or related course.

• Relevant experience in strong software development or data analytics role.

• Deep understanding of blockchain technology and preferably have hands-on experience on blockchain development projects.

• Strong understanding on readily published blockchain API.

• Experience with programming Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric protocol, or similar cryptocurrency technology

• Experience in Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, public and private blockchain protocol.

• Candidate should possess strong logical and analytical with good problem-solving skills.

• Good communication skills, motivated and enthusiastic individual with the ability to work on his/her own as well as part of a team.


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