Dyson - SEA James Dyson Foundation Manager, Singapore (29 Jan)




Electrical company



Position Type

SEA James Dyson Foundation Manager

Post Date

29 Jan 2020

Employer Description

Dyson Ltd is a British technology company established in the United Kingdom by Sir James Dyson in 1991. It designs and manufactures household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters, hair dryers, and lights. As of February 2018, Dyson had more than 12,000 employees worldwide. In January 2019 it was announced that Dyson would move its headquarters to Singapore to ramp up manufacturing for their electric vehicle, stating Asia trade will be their main focus and commenting that the company was unhappy with EU/UK bureaucratic restrictions; however, the termination of the EV programme was announced on 10 October.

Program Details

The James Dyson Foundation Manager will work with the international JDF team to grow the James Dyson Foundation in South East Asia, focusing on three areas:

• Develop and oversee a targeted schools workshop programme.

• Engage Dyson people in the work of the James Dyson Foundation, communicating with senior stakeholders, encouraging fundraising activities and employee volunteering opportunities.

• Expand the James Dyson Award, gaining more entries and working closely with the communications team to secure media coverage of the competition.


• Strong verbal and communication skills

• Strong project management, organizational, budget and planning skills

• Strong time management skills needed to balance multiple projects and administrative duties

• A passion for education, science, design and engineering

• A passion for the James Dyson Foundation’s mission and a drive to communicate that mission persuasively and uphold its integrity

• An understanding of the education system in Singapore.

• A doer – eager to engage with new people every day and progress projects at pace

• Adaptable/flexible – able to multi-task

• Creative, in ideas and writing

• Proactive – always looking for ways to improve

• Ability to work autonomously and as a team player

• Ability to drive projects from concept through implementation

• Ability to be flexible and adaptable to a fast-paced, growing organisation

• Experience in an education role required (e.g. management, teaching, school planning or administration, education non-profit organisation)


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