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Google - Data Center Technician Internship (9 Apr)




Information Technology (IT)



Position Type

Data Center Technician Internship, Summer 2019

Post Date

9 Apr 2019 Employer Description

Google is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, headquartered in California, U.S. Google is considered one of the Big Four technology companies, alongside Amazon, Apple and Facebook. Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., and is the developer of other Internet services such as Youtube and Blogger. As of 2017, Google is the most valuable brand in the world, and its mission statement is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". is the most visited website in the world.

Program Details

Behind Google’s simple search box is one of the most complex technology infrastructures in the world. And behind that infrastructure is a diverse group of Googlers who design, build and keep the lights on for our users.

Our Data Center Engineering team takes the physical design of our data centers into the future, and our Technical, Engineering, and Support teams bring ideas to life. The teams use creative approaches to reduce operational costs and to extend traditional practices to meet our goal of making our data centers the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable in the world.

The Hardware Operations team is the team in the Data Center responsible for monitoring, maintaining and deploying the state-of-the-art physical infrastructure behind Google's powerful search technology. Operations Engineers deploy and maintain Google's advanced Data Center Server and Network Infrastructure. Their duties range from the physical deployment of data center-related technology to working closely with the various stakeholders. This team offers a great introduction to the wider engineering world at Google.

With this in mind, Google is bringing our first Data Center Intern program to APAC this summer. This program is open to all university, polytechnic, and higher education students, and is committed to addressing diversity in our company and in the technology industry.

You should be available to intern for a minimum of 10-14 weeks.

Google is and always will be an engineering company. We hire people with a broad set of technical skills who are ready to address some of technology's greatest challenges and make an impact on millions, if not billions, of users. At Google, engineers not only revolutionize search, they routinely work on massive scalability and storage solutions, large-scale applications and entirely new platforms for developers around the world. From Google Ads to Chrome, Android to YouTube, Social to Local, Google engineers are changing the world one technological achievement after another.

  • Contribute to repairs, upgrades, decoms, deployments, cabling, etc.

  • Identify trends for machine failure, report bugs and work with remote teams to resolve them. Communicate effectively with English speaking clients and partners.

  • Contribute to projects in deployment, maintenance, and provide support of current and new data center infrastructure.

  • Configure and troubleshoot Linux OS related challenges on our servers, and resolve critical or escalated technical challenges over a significant population of affected equipment.

  • Work in a physically demanding setting.


Minimum qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled in a BA/BS degree or Higher Education diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Information Engineering, or similar technical area of study.

  • Experience with installing a Network or Linux system and familiarity with the basic concepts of both.

  • Authorization to work in Singapore.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Classroom experience or a practical understanding of Linux and Networking, including installation, systems administration and troubleshooting.

  • Knowledge and experience with hardware architecture, maintenance and repair.

  • Knowledge of networking, including topology and protocol concepts.

  • Demonstrated ability to learn new technical skills and domains.

  • Ability to work as a team member, and to collaborate with others to help resolve challenges.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.


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