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IBM - Internship: Android ARCORE Mobile Developer Intern,Singapore (19 Jul)




Information Technology (IT)



Position Type

Internship: Android ARCORE Mobile Developer Intern

Post Date

19 Jul 2019

Employer Description

IBM is a global technology and innovation company. It is the largest technology and consulting employer in the world, with presence in 170 countries. The diversity and breadth of the entire IBM portfolio of research, consulting, solutions, services, systems and software rarely distinguishes IBM from other companies in the industry.

Program Details

Building and Designing Augmented Reality Android based Mobile Application with ARCore framework.

To develop a Virtual Reality base Training model that enable interactive and immersive teaching method that employs technology to provide virtual scenarios to simulate assembly process that might occur in actual manufacturing environment.


1) Android development experience, able to independently develop mobile Android app.

2) Must have proven track record of Android Mobile App development.

3) Proficiency in Java , HTML5, Android SDK, Javascript and experience with ARCore & ARKit framework.

4) Front End and Backend Computing knowledge. ( *Full Stack Knowledge will be a advantage )

5) Familiar with Cross-Platform Development, UI/UX Design Skills

6) Able to use and work with outside APIs and data sources

7) Able to perform unit test to ensure usability, robustness, edge cases and general reliability.

8) Follow up on improving application performance and bug fixing.

9) Experience with scripting, specifically with C#, textures, animation, GUI styles, and user session management.

10) Critical thinker and problem-solving skills. 11) Team player, Good time-management and communication skills.

Required Education: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science / Software Engineering

Internship Period: Minimum 3 months (preferably 6 months)


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