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jtc corporation-applications developer INTERNSHIP, SINGAPORE (29 MAY)


JTC Corporation


Real Estate Company



Position Type

Applications Developer

Post Date

29 May 2019

Employer Description

JTC Corporation is Singapore’s leading industrial infrastructure specialist, spearheading the planning, promotion and development of a dynamic industrial landscape. At JTC, we are constantly pushing boundaries to develop unique infrastructure solutions, sustaining Singapore’s competitive edge as the choice investment location. Ground-breaking projects such as one-north, Jurong Rock Caverns and Seletar Aerospace Park are evidence of the innovative and dynamic side of JTC and we are committed to creating the work-live-learn-play communities of the future through major projects such as Punggol Creative Cluster and Jurong Innovation District.

Program Details

We are looking for students who are keen to build a mobile application for handling IT (and other) incident reporting, escalation and resolution as well as being a portal for accessing internal staff functions.

The mobile app will have automatic routing and escalation capabilities defined by a modular rules engine which can be web-based. It should also be developed using the micro-services pattern, with a robust API layer to allow interfacing with external systems as well as JTC intranet systems.

Students will be expected to have familiarity with prevalent cloud providers (e.g. Azure, AWS, GCP) and mobile and web frameworks (e.g. Ionic, Cordova, React, React Native, Flutter).

Knowledge in designing distributed systems and a messaging layer is a plus.


Applicants must be able to commit full-time (with time-off granted for evening classes if required) for a minimum duration of 12 weeks.

Applicants should possess:

• Strong communication & interpersonal skills to engage internal and external stakeholders

• Ability to work independently and in a team

• Positive attitude

• Resourceful and able to multi-task

• Keen interest in the Real Estate industry

• Relevant internship experience will be a bonus


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