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KPMG - Digital Trust, Graduate Associate (10 Apr)




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Position Type

Digital Trust, Graduate Associate

Post Date

10 Apr 2019 Employer Description

KPMG operates as an international network of member firms offering audit, tax and advisory services. We work closely with our clients to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities.

Our firms' clients include business corporations, governments and public sector agencies and not-for-profit organizations. They look to us for a consistent standard of service based on high order professional capabilities, industry insight and local knowledge.

KPMG member firms can be found in 153 countries and territories. Collectively we employ 207,000 people across a range of disciplines.

Program Details

As data and technology adoption proliferates every aspect of life, Trust – that data is safeguarded and reliable, and technology functions the way they are supposed to – is paramount.

Digital Trust works tirelessly with government agencies, banks and other private companies to provide that assurance to stakeholders and public on their digital journey.

As a Digital Trust professional, you will join experienced project teams who assist and advise clients from government agencies to financial institutions and other private companies.

We have:

• Exciting projects in Emerging Technology Risks (Automation, Blockchain, Cloud, Data, etc), Cyber Assurance, Digital risk reviews, Project Risks, Data analytics

• Collaboration opportunities across teams in risk, assurance, cybersecurity and technology enablement in our services to prestigious clients

• A young & dynamic culture and environment where you take ownership of your career and time with us.

• An open mindset to welcome innovation and ideas to transform for the better of our people and clients.

• Global and regional mobility opportunities to expose you to the world out there.

• Internal and external training opportunities to equip you with the skills to be a KPMG professional. The role involves:

• Working with cross functional local and global teams with people like yourself from different backgrounds and culture.

• Interviewing and working with clients in top firms and organizations to assess, and provide advice on risks related to digital, cybersecurity and emerging technology risks.

• Working closely with seniors and management to analyse data and information gathered from clients.

• Assisting with business development opportunities which includes preparing for pitches, presentations and proposals.

• Learning from, and collaborating with industry specialists to provide the best solution to clients.

• Brainstorming and teaming up to explore ways to innovate and change the way things are done to benefit our business.


The ideal candidate should have:

• Excellent analytical skills and a keen eye for detail. You eat problems for lunch.

• A creative and innovative mind - you can’t help but challenge the norm.

• Excellent communication and people skills. You love working with people and teams.

• A strong desire to provide the best experience to clients.


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