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L.E.K.-Consultant, Singapore (16 Dec)

Updated: Dec 17, 2019







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16 Dec 2019

Employer Description

L.E.K. Consulting is a management consulting firm. Headquartered in London and Boston, Massachusetts (for its US counterpart), L.E.K. was founded in 1983 by three individual partners from Bain & Company: James Lawrence, Iain Evans, and Richard Koch. The company's primary service lines consist of corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and operations. It employs a generalist model across all major industries, including a large presence in defense, aviation, life sciences, healthcare, energy, entertainment, transport, retail, consumer products and financial services. The company also has a large private equity practice.

Program Details

The Consultant role is at the core of our case team structure. As a Consultant, you will work closely up and down the team with Associates, Managers and Partners.Our case team structure provides Consultants with a unique opportunity to manage a team of Associates from day one. You’ll have primary responsibility for breaking down and analysing the client's strategic issues, developing recommendations and communicating those recommendations in English & Mandarin. Therefore, requires complete oral and written fluency in English & Mandarin.

Consultants have a high level of responsibility in guiding and managing the case team and working closely with clients.

Specific responsibilities of a Consultant include:

• Identifying the critical issues – Consultants work with Partners and Managers to outline the client’s key business issues that need resolution. L.E.K. Consultants develop the business acumen necessary to quickly  identify key client issues early in their career.

• Structuring problem solving analyses – Once the key issues have been identified, the Consultant typically forms a plan to find the answers to these critical questions. The Consultant will lay out the approach to the team for finding information on for instance market growth drivers, competitive profiling, or broad market trends.

• Managing the team’s day-to-day activities – L.E.K. generally hires two Associates for every one Consultant, implying that the management of less experienced colleagues is as much a part of the Consultant role as solving business issues. A significant responsibility of L.E.K. Consultants is the guidance and mentorship of Associates on a day-to-day basis.

• Solving the case – At the end of the day, our clients expect high quality, actionable answers to their business problems. L.E.K. Consultants ensure the team is on-track to accurately solve the problem and deliver an answer. Consultants supervise analyses, develop the structure for the final output, provide quality control, and in most cases, participate in the delivery of the case conclusion to the client’s senior management.

• Turning strategy into action: L.E.K. Consultants work closely with senior members of the client organisation to ensure that the strategies and initiatives are actioned and the benefits are realised. The Consultant role typically involves facilitating workshops, in English and Mandarin to reach consensus on the approach, the development and rollout of tools to track progress against the key steps and milestones and working collaboratively with the client to ensure successful implementation of the strategic initiatives. Consultants will also supervise Associates through this stage of the case.

The Singapore office works on projects within the region and therefore some travel may be required.


• Overall, a clear drive to join the world of strategy consulting and an understanding of what this entails. L.E.K. seeks highly motivated, creative, and entrepreneurial candidates who possess strong business and finance skills, effective interpersonal and communication skills, leadership qualities, and uncompromising ethics. An MBA from a top school is highly preferred. Previous experience in a consulting environment (or similar) is an advantage but not essential.

• For this particular role in our Singapore office, Fluency in English and Mandarin (spoken and written) is essential. Candidates should be able to demonstrate their motivations for working in Southeast Asia.


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