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People Profilers - Supply Chain Data Analyst (1 Year Contract), Singapore (31 Oct)


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Position Type

Supply Chain Data Analyst (1 Year Contract)

Post Date

31 Oct 2019

Employer Description

We believe that infinite possibilities come from human relationships. That is why it is vital that the right people get connected to the right jobs. We bridge the gap between People and Professions, as is reflected in our logo, where the two P's are intertwined, signifying the bridging of the two.

Program Details

· Report to Senior Manager, Supply Chain Planning (Business Process Reengineering APAC)

· Assist in new system that will be implemented and manage KPI Scorecard for Rapid Response (RR)

· Manage collection and validation of data parameter gathering, including facilitation of various meetings with business stakeholders

· Data Validation & Master Data Management (Demand split validation by branch plants, OPG2 assignment for new codes creation)

· Obtains reporting requirements and queries data from existing data warehouse and ERP system to respond to requests.

· Assists to evaluate trends in the data and verify data accuracy.

· Provides user support for troubleshooting and correcting data problem, and guidance for best business practices.


· Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Business, Engineering or any relevant discipline

· Must have a working knowledge of relational databases and experience with the Microsoft Office Suite.

· Data savvy to manage the system and databases.

· Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook), ERP (Rapid Response Manufacturing)

· Good with numbers, data and has good logical reasoning skills

· Able to start work immediate basis


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