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Seagate - Data Science Engineer - Internship ,SINGAPORE (16 Jul)







Position Type

Data Science Engineer - Internship

Post Date

16 Jul 2019

Employer Description

Since 1978, Seagate has been creating precision-engineered data storage technologies that deliver superior capacity, speed, safety, and performance. We help people harness and maximize the datasphere. Seagate couldn't do any of that without its employees—a diverse workforce of 40,000 creative, hard-working, passionate people all over the world. From the Silicon Valley, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Thailand, through China, our people are proud to embody the values of integrity, innovation, and inclusion.

Program Details

• Understand existing business process and data relationships, performing deep studies to decide on the correct machine learning technique(s) to apply

• Develop a workflow to automate the analysis process. Build and promote the expansion of an advanced analytic solution based on R, Python, JMP, Tableau, SAS / Business Advanced Analytics

• Support advance analysis with various algorithm on factory process data and getting statistical models into production


• Good knowledge with data modeling

• Some experience in R, Python, SQL, Tableau, JMP, SAS language

• Possess interest in data mining and open source programming

• Relevant experience in any Analytics or Computer Science fields

• Self-motivated, independent and a team player with strong analytical and debugging skills

• Bachelors or Master student and/or equivalent experience


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