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UBS - Investment Platforms & Solutions, GWM, Singapore (12 Nov)




Banking, Financial services



Position Type

Investment Platforms & Solutions, GWM

Post Date

12 Nov 2019

Employer Description

UBS Group AG is a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company founded and based in Switzerland. Co-headquartered in the cities of Zürich and Basel, it maintains a presence in all major financial centers as the largest Swiss banking institution in the world. UBS client services are known for their strict bank–client confidentiality and culture of banking secrecy. The bank's large positions in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific markets make it a global systemically important financial institution.

Program Details

To start with you’ll take part in UBS Discovery, a training program to bring you up to speed with our industry, what we do and how we do it.

All our programs break down complex information into manageable elements. And, as well as on- and off-the-job technical training, you’ll have a personal development opportunities for improving general job skills and broadening your network of contacts. You may be rotated through a number of desks and business areas to broaden your product knowledge and extend your network of contacts.

Your role

Do you want the chance to experience a diverse and exciting area of the business, learning how to meet the needs of wealthy clients? You’ll:

• join one of our specialized teams within IPS and develop a solid understanding of our business • work closely with other IPS teams to help our clients develop their wealth and structure their existing finances • benefit from an in-depth learning experience, gaining exposure to areas like products, sales, risk, marketing and management • develop a better understanding of wealth management and how our business functions

Your team

You’ll be working in the Investment Platforms & Solutions (IPS) team in Global Wealth Management. We aim to develop investment products and services that satisfy our clients' needs. And we make our services and expertise easily available to client advisors and clients.


You need to be graduating from a university in 2020, or with less than two years of work experience. It doesn’t matter what you’re studying. (Really, it doesn’t.) But we’d like to see evidence that you can:

• analyze a problem, take a view and come to a decision • plan, organize and communicate well • make things happen • stick with a task • work in a team • come up with ideas


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