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BestTop 5th Anniversary Party


BestTop celebrated its 5th birthday last Saturday! The party was filled with lots of fun and laughter as well as gratitude towards all of our partners that have walked these 5 years with us. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you again at our next milestone!

Winning Offers from MNCs


BestTop held an exclusive lesson last Saturday with our mentor Walton. It is a must-know lesson before applying for "Big 4" , Consulting firms and Multi-national Companies. The whole course consists of two parts, and four hours in total. What was taught includes : Understand the "Supply & Demand", forecast the market trend, analyse the business case, different valuation methods, tips to impress the interviewers.

BestTop × NUS Business Analytics, How to Ace Your Job Interview?


BestTop partnered with the Business Analytics Student Association from NUS to organise a mock interview session. The session is exclusive to NUS BA students only. The goal of the Mock Interview is to provide a platform for students to have a simulated experience of job interview by the mentors from the Business Analytics and Fin-tech field. Through this event, the students had the opportunity to review themselves and improve their interview skills.

BestTOP × NUS Statistics How to Prepare Your Career in Data Science Industry


BestTop partnered with NUS Statistics Society to organise a Career Development Workshop on 23 Oct. Three distinguished speakers from Data Industry shared the current trend of Data Science Industry, the real-life cases in Google, Shopee, how to practice coding and how to network via LinkedIn. Hope you all enjoyed the fruitful night. See you again!

​BestTop's Halloween Networking Party


BestTop's Halloween Networking Party was successfully held last Friday! It was a precious opportunity for students to meet prominent and experienced mentors from different industries dressing up in a more casual way and fun atmosphere. We hope students have a better understanding and also gain insights for the industry they are interested in. See you all again soon~

SIM IGNITE 2019 Career Fair


BestTop participated in SIM's IGNITE Career Fair on 4th October 2019! It was a grand event with more than 60 companies exhibiting and 500+ students attending looking for Full-time job offers as well as Internships. It was a good opportunity for us to talk to the students and the other exhibiting companies. We hope that all the students get their dream job offers and the exhibiting companies benefit greatly with new talents!

Career Development Workshop at NTU


BestTop partnered with NTU's Graduate Student Association to organised a Career Development Workshop yesterday! Several of our mentors were invited to speak and shared their experience with the attendees. We hope that the students have a better understanding on their career path and gain insights on the industry shared. For those who missed the workshop yesterday, stay tuned for more of our upcoming school events!

BestTop Career Fair & Career Summit 2019


BestTop Annual Career Fair & Career Summit took place on 14th September 2019! Distinguished guest speakers from TRIVE, Park Hotel Group, BRMDrive and UOB shared insightful views on career planning and development.  A total of 500+ attendees attended this grand event featuring 100+ open positions from 30+ companies. We also had experienced mentors help our attendees with their Resumes. We hope that all the attendees can get their dream offers and the event was beneficial to both the exhibitors and attendees! 

Networking Dinner @Pickleville


Our networking dinner was successfully held last Friday! It was a precious opportunity for students to meet prominent and experienced mentors from different industries. We hope students have a better understanding and also gain insights for the industry they are interested in. See you all again soon!

Consulting & Marketing Training Session


Last Saturday, BestTop held a Consulting and Marketing Training workshop on interview skills for our summer interns. Mock discussions were also conducted to better improve the students' responses. Our CEO, Dr. Tony Jin also shared his view and gave feedback on our students’ performance.

Innovest Unbound 2019


BestTop has attended Innovest Unbound 2019 on 27th June 2019 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. We are honoured to be invited by the government to give a sharing session on China-Singapore(Chong Qing) ICT Projects Networking Session talking about BestTop's Vision and Mission.

Mock Interview and Critque Workshop


Last Saturday, BestTop held a Mock Interview and Resume Critique workshop to deliver a seminar on interview skills and preparation for Fall Recruitment. Mock interviews were also conducted to better improve the students' responses. Our mentors, Paul and Daniel also shared their views and gave feedback on our students’ performance.

Environmental Engineering Workshop with Founder of Zero Waste City


We are honoured to have invited Rémi CESARO - Founder of Zero Waste City to deliver a very fruitful and rewarding first training workshop session for our students who are on the Environmental Engineering Study Tour 2019! We hope to have the chance to work with him again in the future!

Zero Waste City is a consulting business specialised in material use efficiency and waste management for commercial and industrial facilities. Its mission is to help companies to save money by reducing waste and to achieve Zero Waste goals. Zero Waste City operates in the Asia Pacific Region and its services include waste auditing, process optimisation, project implementation, and guidance to the Zero Waste Certification. (

Environmental Engineering Study Tour 2019 (Shanghai Polytechnic University)


From 20/Jun - 27/Jun, BestTop welcomed students from Shanghai Polytechnic University who are here on a study tour regarding the topic of Environmental Engineering. Students got the chance to visit many companies and NGOs, as well as visiting the different universities of Singapore and attending a series of talks and workshops by our partners and mentors. We hope that it was a fruitful session for all the participants as they get to learn new concepts and topics from another point of view. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

ACE Career Fair 2019


BestTop attended ACE Startup Career Fair on 7 March 2019. Over 65 startup companies offering 250 full-time, part-time and internship positions. Many people came to grace this event and it was an enjoyable time interacting with the candidates. We hope all applicants get their dream offers.

Networking Dinner @ 360 Lounge


BestTop held our networking event at 360 Lounge on 31/May! More than 20 mentors and 40 students attended the networking event, where the students and mentors got to interact and find out about one another. The night was filled with much laughter and games, as well as great food and ambiance. We hope all mentors and students have enjoyed and gained from this networking session, and we hope to see you again soon!

Singapore Career Exploration Programme 2019 (CityU Hong Kong)


From 27/May - 31/May, students from the Business school of The City University of Hong Kong (CityU) got the chance to visit many different companies, as well as attend a series of talks and workshops by our partners and mentors. The purpose of this programme is to help the students better understand themselves and their career development to allow them to better plan for their future career paths.

Women's Workshop on the Corporate World


BestTop invited speakers Aurelie and Swee Lin from PrimeTime to deliver a workshop on Women working in the corporate world, and topics covered during the seminar include career progression for women in the finance industry, how to break through the "glass ceiling", how to handle workplaces discrimination and harassment, and more.

GIA-ACE Market Immersion Programme


From 6-10 May, BestTop co-founder Daniel visited China under the GIA-ACE Market Immersion Programme, which aimed to help participants gain insights of the startup ecosystem in China. A total of 8 Singapore startups sent representatives as the Singapore delegation. The 5-days programme included a visit to Zhongguancun, numerous startups, as well as startup ecosystem enablers such as Baidu.

Offline Seminar - Market Risk & Risk Management


BestTop invited mentors Florence and Biwei to share their knowledge and experiences in the Finance industry and particularly in Market Risk. They also shared tips and provided the attendees with valuable insights to give them an edge in their career planning.

BestTop Team Bonding


Our first cohesion of 2019! We began the day with co-founders Tony and Daniel sharing with us BestTop's history and journey, as well as our new company Mission & Vision, followed by an afternoon of fun and games, before finally ending with a BBQ!

Industry Workshop with UAE Students


Students from the UAE visited JTC's Launchpad @ one-north, and our very own co-founder Daniel shared with them about the local startup scene as well as Singapore's career industry. These bright students are under NUS' Innovation Program, where they get to learn more about Singapore's education system and job industry. We wish them the very best in all their future endeavours!

Capital 95.8FM radio interview


BestTop co-founder Daniel joined Capital 95.8FM (95.8 城市频道) on-air to share with the audience about career development, Singapore's job industry, and how BestTop's services are designed to help job seekers and those who want to further their career.

BestTop Networking Event


More than 15 mentors and 30 students came together on a Friday night for our networking session, where they got to know more about one another and share industry experiences. The night was filled with games and laughter, as well as great food and ambience at SAGE Restaurant & Bar.

Finance Summit 2019


4 of our mentors shared about Singapore's finance industry outlook in 4 sectors – Banking, Investment, Audit, and Trading. A panel discussion was also held so that the students could engage with our mentors and better understand how the changing financial outlook could impact them as well.

How to prepare for interviews


BestTop invited two of our mentors to deliver a seminar on interview skills and preparation, and conducted mock interviews to better improve the students' responses. Our mentors also shared with the students about their respective industries, and gave feedback on the students' résumés as well.

SIM Career Fair Preparatory Talk 2


BestTop co-founder Tony returned to SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) to deliver his second career fair preparatory talk for the students, following the positive feedback of last month's session. The attendees were given tips on how to improve their résumé, how to make the most of their upcoming career fair, and were also asked to think about their goals beyond just the career fair.

SIM Career Fair Preparatory Talk


BestTop co-founder Tony delivered a short seminar at SIM (Singapore Institute of Management), to prepare the attendees for their upcoming career festival. In the 3-hour session, the students were asked to consider what their objective was for the career fair, given the chance to practice their elevator pitch, and learnt tips and tricks for catching recruiters' attention.

Singapore Career Exploration Programme 2019 (HKU)


From 7/Jan - 11/Jan, students from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) got the chance to visit many companies, as well as attend a series of talks and workshops by our partners and mentors. The purpose was to help the students better understand themselves and their career development, so that they can better plan their career paths.

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