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2020 Past events

Social Media for Professional Development Webinar

17 Aug 2020

Did you know that the Social Media that you are using right now can provide you with lots of opportunities and advantages? If you already know that, then do you know how to to leverage on it? BestTop Partnered with NTU GSA hold the webinar where we teach our participants how to use Social Media, especially LinkedIn to your advantage!

Secure Your Dream Internship & Opportunities in North America VS Asia

29 Jun 2020

In this Webinar, BestTop's Co-Founder, Daniel shared with us insights on the current internship recruitment situation which includes internship application timeline, key application preparations, opportunities in North America VS Asia as well as educating the participants on the impact of COVID-19 on recruitment. This webinar is organised to prepare students for their next summer internship application as summer internship recruitment starts.

Resume Critique Workshop

28 Jun 2020

This period is known to be the best period for summer recruitment for our students and a good resume is one of the most important preparations one needs to secure an interview offer. During this coronavirus era, it is especially hard to get a job offer as students have to compete with many others at the same time. In order to give off a good first impression, a strong resume that stands out is very important. Hence, BestTop decided to organise a Resume Critique Webinar as it would come in handy for our students during this time in order to craft out an impactful resume in preparation for their next job application.

Singapore Class of 2020 Career Consultation 2020

BestTop's Co-Founder Daniel conducted a career consultation session for participants and guided participants who are having a hard time finding a job or those who are lost with tips and advice.

Virtual Career Summit 2020

30 May 2020

BestTop’s 5th Annual CareerSummit is back once again! The theme for our Virtual Career Summit is "Coping with the Changing Environment". In view of the outbreak of COVID-19, university students and even working adults are facing unprecedented challenged in job seeking and  career development. Hence, BestTop hope to be able to provide timely career tips for our students so that they can be better prepared for the changing job market.

Mental Health Talk

12 May 2020

In view of the outbreak of COVID-19, we understand that this is a rather difficult time and many people face difficulties or doubts regarding their careers. We would therefore like to play our part and give back to the society by providing this Mental Health Talk for free so that everyone is able to cope well even in tough situations.

2020 Online Spring Recruitment Fair

Apr 2020

BestTop invited over 10 companies and organised an online recruitment fair where companies offered job positions for participants live. Some of the companies includes Shopee, Alibaba, Xiaomi and more.

From Old School to New School: The Revolution of Data Science

26 Mar 2020

In collaboration with NUS Statistics Society, BestTop organised an E-Career Talk for the students in NUS to increase their awareness and understanding of the FinTech industry. 

Lunch and Learn

BestTop will be organising a series of Lunch and Learn sessions this year! With a themed topic for each 1 hour session evert month, we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas in a more relaxed, casual environment at lunchtime.

Data Science Summit 2020

18 Jan 2020

The Data Science Summit is an annual event bringing together the Data Science Community in Singapore. Data Science Summit 2020 discovered the applications and challenges of Data Science and Machine Learning on business areas. Speakers from different sectors in Data Science shared their experience and insights of AI Business/Social Applications as well as Career Development in Data Science in the coming decade.

2020 Singapore Career Exploration Program

Jan 2020

Singapore Career Exploration Programme 2020 - organised by BestTop officially partnered with The University of Hong Kong ended with a distinguished Networking Party among the students and Partners. During the 5 days trip in Singapore, students visited acclaimed organization such as Rolls-Royce MTU ASIA, DBS, The Trade Desk, Social Collider, Kristal.AI and had training sessions with knowledgeable mentors William Thomas, PhD Dayu Tony Jin, Sam Neo and Bryan Martone who are willing to share their valuable experience.

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